Patent Services

The firm provides a variety of services including patent preparation, prosecution, strategic counseling, patent analysis, and licensing.

Due Diligence

The firm is available to evaluate intellectual property issues associated with investments, corporate acquisitions, patent purchases, and other business transactions.

Federal Circuit Appeals

The firm handles all aspects of appeals to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, including amicus briefs and emergency motions. Attorneys at the firm have experience with all stages of appeals to the Federal Circuit from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board as well as appeals from U.S. district courts. Attorneys at the firm know how to write compelling briefs, and can provide strategies for effective oral arguments. For clients that already have an appeal strategy in place, attorneys at the firm have experience helping clients to identify and spotlight their strongest arguments, overcome weak aspects of a case, and utilize the most relevant and compelling legal precedent from the Supreme Court and the Federal Circuit. The firm has experience spotting counter-arguments to neutralize lines of attack and to help attorneys get an edge during questioning, and we offer insight to avoid typical appellate errors.

Opinions of Counsel

Our attorneys are very experienced in providing advice and opinions on patent infringement, and on the validity and enforceability of patents involving a broad range of technologies.

Patent Analysis and Licensing

We offer patent analysis and licensing services. Our attorneys have extensive experience in performing offensive and defensive patent analysis. Our attorneys have a thorough understanding of U.S. patent law and deep technical expertise, which is critical for effective patent analysis and license negotiations. Our attorneys are also experienced in negotiating and drafting license agreements.

Patent Preparation and Prosecution

The firm provides advice and procurement services concerning U.S. and international patent rights, including filing, prosecution, and maintenance of U.S. and foreign patents. Our attorneys have extensive experience in the drafting and prosecution of both utility and design patents in a wide variety of technologies such as computers, circuits, software, semiconductor devices, communications, wireless and networking systems, semiconductor processes, business methods, and mechanical devices.

Third Party Assertions

Our attorneys are very experienced in handling patent assertions from third parties, and in developing solutions to such assertions. We formulate negotiation strategies appropriate for the particular third party’s assertion, develop and implement prior art search searches, develop invalidity and non-infringement arguments, research and develop counter-offensive patent cases for presentation, and prepare and present these arguments during patent license negotiations.